How to choose the nozzle of water jet loom


(1) The nozzle body and the needle nozzle are engraved with a "digital engraving" indicating the size.

(2) The nozzle is selected according to the type of weft and reed width

The U-shaped nozzle is a nozzle with a metal pressurizer integrated with the orifice part A. The metal pressurizer cannot be loaded or unloaded.

Note 1) the nozzle is made of ceramics. When using, care should be taken to avoid damage.

Note 2) in use, monomer will be attached inside the needle nozzle, so please clean it regularly.

Note 3) the nozzle should be used in a completely closed state

Selection criteria of needle nozzle

The general goal is that 5 weft yarns (knots) can actually pass through the inside of the needle mouth.

Note) if the nozzle body which is not suitable for the weft thickness is used to match with the needle, it will be the cause of poor weft flying.

Installation method of nozzle

1) Front and back direction

(1) Make the crank angle 270 degrees.

(2) Through the adjustment of nozzle bracket, the front of reed is consistent with the center of nozzle.

2) Up and down direction

When the opening device is closed, gently step on the foot pedal of the pump and adjust the nozzle frame to make the jet water reach the center of the warp.

Adjustment of injection direction

1) Front and back direction

(1) The timing of reed weft contact was observed by stroboscope.

(2) By adjusting the bolt, the contact time is 280 ° to 285 ℃.

2) Up and down direction

(1) The cloth surface at the mouth should be parallel to the weft in flight.

(2) Use the stroboscope to aim at the opening on the power side, observe whether the weft flies in the center of the opening, and adjust it through the bolt.