Does the woodworking machinery factory have any requirements for processing places?


Woodworking machinery refers to a kind of CNC lathe that turns the production and processing of wood processing into wooden furniture in wood processing technology. Furniture machinery is the key component of woodworking machinery.

Woodworking machinery manufacturers must have certain needs in the workplace during production: 1. All technical processes that apply harmful, stimulating and combustible components should be placed in an independent plant, or distributed on the road sections separated by disciplines in the plant, and equipped with personal protective equipment and fire-fighting equipment. 2. The safe passage for transporting wood, wood logs and waste materials in the workshop shall be equipped with equipment to remove the ventilation, such as aisle, hall, door curtain, curtain, etc. and the equipment to prevent the rapid spread of fire, such as fully automatic fire doors and windows, fire safety smoke damper, water curtain, etc. 3. When the position above the machinery and equipment must be reached safely and reliably in the workshop, the Street overpass with protective railings and ladders shall be installed. The plant pavement and the safety passage of the Street overpass shall be paved with anti-skid ground. 4. There shall be no machinery, equipment and lines on the common pedestrian passage, and its total width shall not be less than 1m. 5. The conveyor belt under the road surface shall be tightly covered with rear cover plate or grid safety protection plate. The surface of metal sheet shall be anti-skid on the ground. The total width of cracks for grid data safety protection shall not exceed 30mm. 6. Sawdust and waste storage tanks shall be placed outside the plant.

The above is a detailed introduction to the standards of woodworking machinery production and processing sites. Aojia machinery is specialized in manufacturing woodworking machinery factory, with guaranteed quality, which is worthy of your trust.