Woodworking machinery has steadily promoted the transformation of ultra-low emission


The transformation of woodworking machinery with ultra-low emission has been carried out in an orderly manner. Today, the transformation of woodworking machinery companies with ultra-low emission has been carried out in an orderly manner. Woodworking machinery has basically carried out the implementation opinions of carbon peak, and woodworking machinery has basically determined the peak approach, key daily tasks and carbon reduction development potential in the industry. Although time is tight and capital investment is large, woodworking machinery also needs to work hard towards the grading of class a companies. We must attach great importance to it without hesitation, strictly study against the standard, be realistic and pragmatic, integrate the specific situation of woodworking machinery company, and promote the transformation of ultra-low emission; Standardize management, consolidate responsibility, and earnestly implement the provisions of system reform; Continuously improve and promote the target tasks, and systematically carry out the work target connection point of woodworking machinery. The market positioning and regulations of woodworking machinery on energy conservation, emission reduction and carbon reduction should be further, pay close attention to the overall objectives and time nodes of ultra-low emission performance evaluation, sort out and dissolve various objectives and tasks, and formulate an overall plan for systematic and qualified work; Strengthening the construction of key projects with ultra-low emission of woodworking machinery; Classify management, establish each management authority and post responsibility, and generate details of the whole process, daily tasks, obligations and time nodes of the new project; Cooperate to improve the territorial work standards of woodworking machinery. Ultra low emission is the foundation and only way for woodworking machinery to achieve "double carbon". The reduction of pollution and carbon of woodworking machinery depends on environmental remediation, correct guidance of system and technological innovation. We must carry out collaborative and disruptive innovation, especially at the level of low-carbon technology, complete the transformation in product R & D and make new breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation. Focus on the core concept of ultra-low emission remediation of woodworking machinery, attach great importance to carbon reduction and remediation, and constantly increase the investment of transformation funds; Formulate and improve the ultra-low emission management plan, and promote the high-quality floor type of ultra-low emission supervision; Take the ultra-low emission regulatory risk as the breakthrough, and build a dense regulatory obligation guarantee network. While gradually improving the existing energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and weapons for woodworking machinery, we should also actively promote the transformation of new ultra-low emission projects, closely explore key industries such as industrial waste gas treatment, solid waste development and utilization, cleaning and transportation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and introduce new technology applications, new technologies, new processes and new weapons and equipment for woodworking machinery, Expand effective ways to save energy and reduce consumption. The daily task of woodworking machinery has long been issued, and the time node has long been negotiated. We must unswervingly adhere to the reform, innovation and development prospects of the 14th five year plan, improve our position, set a high example, consistently, and strengthen the distinctive characteristics of high-quality development of emerald green, intelligence, history, humanities and new technology. Woodworking machinery focuses on shaping a high-tech industrial chain with competitive advantages, Contribute a lot of and higher woodworking machinery energy to the new field of "strong wealth, beauty and high" of capital construction.